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    How I Found my Skincare Solution

    How I found my skincare solution;
    My Troubled days Being a Female with acne prone skin is rough, especially once you hit puberty and your face looks like it's been attacked, looking like rocky roads. You always see celebrities with flawless skin and you ask yourself why me? Why can't I have that beautiful skin everyone admires? Why can't I have that glow? 
    Well guys, I have to admit I was that female! From the age of 15 to 20 my skin wasn't horrible but it could've been better. My skin is a combination of Oily and dry Skin. I had acne on my face, all on both sides of my cheeks and on my back. I was embarrassed and my confidence was low. I didn't want to wear any type of clothing showing my back, because of this it led me to trying out so many different products to make the acne  go away. 

    On the Road to clear skin: So I thought
    I first tried Proactive Which was a HUGE MISTAKE, not only did it NOT WORK, but it made my face twice as bad 😣. I stopped putting products …