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  • How I Found my Skincare Solution

    How I found my skincare solution;

    My Troubled days

    Being a Female with acne prone skin is rough, especially once you hit puberty and your face looks like it's been attacked, looking like rocky roads. You always see celebrities with flawless skin and you ask yourself why me? Why can't I have that beautiful skin everyone admires? Why can't I have that glow? 

    Well guys, I have to admit I was that female! From the age of 15 to 20 my skin wasn't horrible but it could've been better. My skin is a combination of Oily and dry Skin. I had acne on my face, all on both sides of my cheeks and on my back. I was embarrassed and my confidence was low. I didn't want to wear any type of clothing showing my back, because of this it led me to trying out so many different products to make the acne  go away. 

    On the Road to clear skin: So I thought

    I first tried Proactive Which was a HUGE MISTAKE, not only did it NOT WORK, but it made my face twice as bad 😣. I stopped putting products on my face for a week and then I went on to try MURAD. Ugh I didn't know which one was worst Proactive or MURAD. So, I Then took my moms advice of putting tooth paste in the affected areas and (Horrible advice... DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT TRY THIS) it burned my face πŸ˜’, so I had to apply foundation to my face to cover the burn on my cheek which was embarrassing πŸ™ˆMind you I was still a Senior in High school when this happened! After that I proceeded to take another advice from my mom and apply Aloe Vera plant liquid, That definitely didn't work. It dried out my skin so badly I didn't know what else to do. So, I went on and bought Neutrogena products (moisturizer, face wash and toner) which I used for a while but that didn't even work. I was so mad I couldn't believe I had tried so many different products and nothing was working for me!!! Next, I tried out Clearasil and Cetaphil those products gave me blackheads... I gave up, it was time to see a Dermatologist......

    Big Step: 

    What I thought would be my last step and Damn sure enough thought I was getting closer to clear skin... Was a deception!

    I go to the Dermatologists, they check my face and tell my mom and I what would be the best solution which would be laser and some other bullshitt there, you know im all excited like yes facials and beautiful skin here I come ... NO! The doctor was charging my mom a Arm and a leg for the treatments, at that point I knew I would 
    continue to struggle because I wasn't going to allow my mom to pay there ridiculous 
    ass prices...

    So, what you think I did next? 

    I went to the doctors and they prescribed me some generic pills and Epiduo face cream and OHHHHH BOOOY, did the pills make me feel really nauseous EVERY SINGLE TIME but, it was working lovely....But, I couldn't Handle the nauseousness!
    By the age of 21 I was then introduced to the African Black Soap and OMG WHEN I TELL YOU THIS WAS IT..... This worked lovely not only did it Erase all of my acne and scars, it also left my skin with a beautiful glow 😁😁.. To this day at 25 years of age, I still use the African Black Soap in my skin care regime.

    I also did a little research on my own to find other products that work and ...

    *Was your face with the African Black Soap leave soap on face for 10 min wash off 
    and pat dry 
    *Apply Green Tea Facial Mask leave on for 15 mins, wash off and pat dry 
    *Then apply GNC Vitamins E,A,D Moisturizing cream

    Use 2: Day process 

    *Wash your face with the Clean and Clear Exfoliating face wash,leave on for 5 mins, wash off and pat dry
    *Apply L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask leave on for 15 mins, wash off really good and pat dry
    *With cotton ball or cotton pad apply Alcohol or Toner to face 
    *Then apply E.L.F Hydrating Facial Moisturizer 

    How to use: Night Process 

    *Wash your face with the Clean and Clear Exfoliating face wash,leave on for 5 mins, wash off and pat dry

    *Apply L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask leave on for 15 mins, wash off really good and pat dry

    *With cotton ball or cotton pad apply Alcohol (helps remove dirt excess)  or Face Toner (helps tighten your face and shrink pores)

    *GNC Vitamins E,A,D Moisturizing Cream

    These products have been everything and I continue to use these products, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM...! It keeps my face Glowing , hydrated. Now Don't get me wrong, I get a pimple here and there but these products dries it out and shrinks it right away, I just love it... 



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    Thank You 
    Hope you enjoyed ...

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