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  • Rice & Beans with Smoked Pork Chop Recipe

    Spanish Rice and Smoked Pork Chops...Try this Easy delicious Dominican Recipe


    -Smoked PorkChops

    -Garlic Powder

    Rice (I use Canilla)
    -1 packet of Sazon  Anchote y culantro
    -Black pepper
    -2 Chicken Flavor Bouillon cubes
    -Tomato Sauce
    -Green and Red Peppers
    -Olives (optional)
    -2spoons of chopped Onions
    -1spoon of Garlic minced
    -1 Can of Beans either (Pinto, Black,Red, Pink beans)

    Cooking Time 30mins:


    *Chop the onions, green/red peppers into little squares...

    *Open the can of beans and empty out the water

    Heat Pot on high, once it's hot add 2spoons of Oil, once the oil is hot add your chopped onions,red and green peppers, and minced garlic

    Let it fry until the veggies turn a yellowish color,

    STEP 2:
    Then add your Cilantro, Olives, Oregano, Black Pepper, 2 Bouillon Cubes, Paprika, Adobo, 1 Packet of Sazon , Sofrito, Half a can of Tomato Sauce, and Add the Can of beans.

    Stir Very well, let it cook for 10mins covered.


    While the beans are boiling wash your Rice 2xs

    STEP 3:
    Uncover the Beans and stir.

    Add the rice you just washed and stir until the Rice soaks up majority of the sauce and make sure all the rice is covered in the sauce and no white is showing.

    Let it fry for 5 mins

    STEP 4:

    Once 5 minutes has passed, use the empty can of beans Fill it up with water.

    Proceed by adding the water to the rice until all of the rice is covered. Then stir the rice and beans really well and make sure it's not sticking to the bottom.

    Cook the Rice on high for 15 minutes uncovered

    After 15 minutes majority of the water should be evaporated, and the rice soft...if the rice is still hard  add a little bit more of water and cook on high for another 10 mins

    If the Rice is soft after the first 15min then stir the rice really good and cover for another 15 min cooking on Low..

    Uncover and stir the rice again and it's done 😁


    COOK TIME: 10mins each side

    Just add Garlic powder to both sides of the PorkChops, slightly coat the pan with oil and once it's hot add the PorkChops ...

    Once you see the PorkChops get a nice fried color flip and cook the other side

    Then it's done

    Try and Enjoy the flavorful Moro and Smoked PorkChops πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Thinking About making a Tutorial video  soon!!!! Comment in the comment section and let me know if you would like me to make the video....


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